11. März 2017

Zelda Breath of the Wild Anime Commercial - Around the World!

Hello everyone,

two weeks ago, we released our new video "Zelda Breath of the Wild Anime Commercial". This one was another approach to interpret an item in a create a commercial around it.

In case you haven't seen it you can find it right here:

Right after its release we were really suprised how positive the feedback was. There were a lot of sites that reported about us. We took the time to collect all we found. Thank you very much that you took the time for that!


Let us all close our eyes and imagine, that as part of Breath of the Wild’s marketing campaign, Nintendo had thought to make an anime trailer for some Lon Lon Milk. Now, open them and watch the clip anyway, because Channy & Kimberly were smart enough to make it for us.

IGN (Germany)

Nicht nur Nintendo macht Werbung für Links neuestes Abenteuer The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Das Youtuber-Team Channy & Kimberly rückt die köstliche(?) Lon Lon Milch aus Hyrule in das beste Licht.

Die liefert natürlich reichlich Kalzium und Vitamine, die Link für die Rettung von Prinzessin Zelda so bitter nötig hat. Die Alternative zur normalen Lon Lon Milch stellt die Lon Lon Milch mit Putput-Frucht dar – für den Abenteurer, der es exotisch mag.

In Breath of the Wild kann Link zweimal von der Milch trinken, um jeweils fünf Herzen wieder aufzufüllen. Das Produkt der Lon Lon Farm hat also auch einen praktischen Nutzen.


We have no way of knowing exactly how delicious Lon Lon Milk is, but if this fan-made anime-style The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild commercial is any indication… gimme dat. The short piece of colorful animation was created and directed by Channy & Kimberly, with music arrangement by Kromosohn. 

Youtube Gaming

There were also many different sites from many countries, here is our list:


Puissance Nintendo





Universo Nintendo



Critical Hits









Entirely Anime

Gaming Illuminaughty

Did you find more sites that we should include in this list? Tell write in the comments' section!

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

Channy & Kimberly

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11. Februar 2017

New video: AVGN Anime Transformation

We released our new video past Wednesday. It was the first collaboration with some one. We are huge fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd and so it became an honor to create a video that is featured on their channel and social media platforms.

Already a few minutes after the video's release on Cinemassacre's channel the comments section explode basically. There was so much positive feedback.

In addition to this video we released a slightly longer version of AVGN tranformation and included two fellow friends from Rocketbeans TV

But if you think that's all, you are totally wrong.. we are still preparing some nice surprises that will be released very soon.

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20. Dezember 2016

Youtube Video Test


this is just a quick test for a new update coming in the near future :-)



Annoying Playlist


9. Oktober 2016

Pokémon Go Anime Opening - our first viral video!

When the Pokémon Go hype started people all over the world went crazy. We both also installed the game on our phones as soon as it was available in Germany. So we decided to create an anime opening based on the game.

On August 18, we released our Pokémon Go Anime opening:

To be honest we didn't expect much from this video, because it was done in just a few days. And on our Youtube channel it just hit 5000 views. 

Compared to our short Splatoon animation that passed 60.000 views on Youtube. 

But there was one Facebook page, that uploaded it as a Facebook video and reached more than 300.000 views! Our new record!!

And we love to read all kind of feedback and comments we received:

As you already noticed we got a bit silent in the past few weeks. It's because we were planning and already working on our upcoming projects as well as thinking how to communicate with you. 

The fastest way to get our attention is to follow us on Twitter and Tweet @channynkimberly!

This blog is still under contruction but here we will write about all milestones and news in detail. We will post at least once a month to keep you updated. 

There will be cool stuff coming very soon, keep your eyes open :-)

Bonne nuit & see you soon!

Channy & Kimberly

12. Juni 2016

Splatoon Anime - 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone,

as you already might have seen we uploaded a very short clips for Splatoon's 1st anniversary

There were a few sites that posted about us:


This video was featured again by our friends from Nintendo Life. If you visit their Facebook page you can still find it in their videos ;-)

There was also on of our favorite comments who found our NX easter egg!


And this is now the end. We're currently working on our next video. Yesterday, we reached the 15.000 views for Starfox and 5.000 views for our Splatoon clip. We don't know why but there was a high peak:

We are really happy for all these positive comments. This gives us the energy to make our videos better. But keep your eyes open and support us on all platforms:






Our blog

See you soon!

Channy & Kimberly

26. Mai 2016

New video online: StarfoxZero TV-Series Theme (by Kromosohn)

Hello everyone!

After a lot of positive comments about the remix that Kromosohn composed for us we decided to finally upload the track on Youtube:

We are currently working very hard on the next opening video. Sorry for the delay, but we hope that our next one will be a blast for you!

Thank you very much for your support!

Feel free to comment on youtube or here on you blog  if you have anything to tell. We read every comment!

With kind regards,

Channy & Kimberly

24. April 2016

Starfox Zero TV-Series Opening - Our YouTube video goes around the web!

Hello everyone,

you found our blog because you probably watched our first YouTube video "Starfox Zero TV-Series Opening". We started our new channel with the ambition to create cool Anime or Cartoon Openings!

Since its launch, several blogs and news sites about Nintendo started to write about our video. We will keep you updated on our blog and on Twitter!

Nintendo Life

Thanks to a Tweet by Nintendo Life, Nintendo UK retweetet this one, so we are official now! Hope that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan will see the video some day!

Go Nintendo

My Nintendo News

The video has been also shared on different sites in other, but no French site yet : )

Gamedots (A Mexican news page)

Primer Player (A Brazilian news page)

Direct Geek (A Brazilian news page)

N-Tower (A German news page)

And there is one Star Fox Fanpage called Krystal Archive also wrote about us!

Miketendo 64 interviewed us!! We talk about the next projects and about us!

Thank you very much for your support! And please don't forget to follow and subscribe to us!


Newgrounds (we are currently on the Front page, thank you very much!!)

All the best,

Channy & Kimberly